Friday, January 30, 2009

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3

I'm going to stick with the shorter review format. Life's been busy lately, and really, the point of the review is to let you know "Is it fun?" Following that rule, I now bring you the review of C&C: Red Alert 3.

Anyone who's familiar with either the Red Alert series, or the original Command & Conquer games knows what to expect. Real time strategy with low emphasis on resource gathering. This time around you have the Soviets and Allied Forces, as well as the Empire of the Rising Sun. The biggest differences between the factions are the way they construct buildings, and the "Secret Orders" or whichever term they're using. Honestly, I'm not a big fan of the Empire, as their build style does not work well for me at all. The Secret Orders are a fun addition to the game, and if properly used, can quickly throw the balance of the game in to your favour. Even better, you get them more rapidly if you're the current underdog, as the meter to give you more points to spend on the Orders fills up faster if you have fewer units, buildings, resources, etc.

For the campaign mode, I have no idea how EA does it. They did it with C&C 3, and they did it here. They got a lot of recognizable actors, who all do a pretty darned good job. In addition, the briefings for each mission are given to you by intelligence officers. Each faction uses their own large-breasted, enthusiastic lady to give you your objectives. 

Basically, you can sum up the game in these words: Well-used actors, hot babes, a dangerously high cheese factor, and a solid RTS mechanic not bogged down by micromanaging with 3 factions who all play differently. 

I enjoyed this game, and can recommend it without reservation.

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