Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Crysis Warhead

I got me a new graphics card, so I figured it was time to put it through its paces. To that end, I borrowed one of the most graphically intensive games ever made. The half-sequel to Crysis - Crysis Warhead. Following Sgt. 'Psycho' Sykes' story, you're still a super-powered bad-ass in a nanotech suit. As for plot? Who. Cares. You're a super-powered bad-ass in a nanotech suit. Any plot is just an excuse for you to go shoot stuff and blow up everything. So, how's the shooting and explosions? Let me tell you.

There's a wide range of weaponry in this game, and you'll find a weapon or three that you like, and use the snot out of. There isn't really a bad gun. Just ones you'll prefer. As for the explosions? Very nice. 

They revamped the engine for this, so it's not quite the resource hog that Crysis was. What this means is you get all the wonderful, beautiful, stunning graphics of Crysis, but without the crawling frame rates. If you shied away from the first one because your machine just couldn't handle it, give this one a go. It'll still kick your machine in its graphics card, but at least it won't stomp on its neck as well. 

One last warning though: this game is difficult. I'm playing on easy, and doing well. However, I think I'd get chewed up and spit out if I went for even normal difficulty. This is definitely not the game to start your FPS career on. But, if you've got several games under your belt, and the machine to run full graphics, you are in for an amazing ride. Make sure to stop and smell the roses.

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